Sunday, March 4, 2012

Assignment Grades

I've put up some assignment grades which I've received from our external evaluators on the web site. Please go check it out:


  1. Hello Maam!

    I would like to share something with you. I have sent my all the 33 assignments and I have got the confirmation of having received it from EFLU. So I am very happy and expecting the invitation call for the Contact Programme. But somewhere I am quite nervous and keeping my fingers crossed because the Grade Confirmation is yet to come out.

    The most important thing I would like to ask you, there is a little period left for we participants to get the invitation call for the contact programme so my concern is how we participant can utilize this valuable time as far as literature course is concerned because we have to take our examination also. Is there something special that we need to study before coming for our final examination?

    1. Sonia:

      The purpose of the contact programme is to clarify any doubts, queries, etc. that you may have got when reading the course material. Therefore, go through the course material again very carefully and mark out all sentences/paragraphs/concepts/ideas that you may not have understood, or may have some confusion about. Make a note of these so that you can ask us during the contact programme.

      As for preparation: read as much literature as you can and try to apply the concepts taught in the course material. Try to test your understanding of the concepts taught in the course material by applying them on different texts and arriving at your own interpretations. You could also discuss these with us during the contact programme.

      And finally, you can also look at and try out the model question papers put up at the PGCTE website:

  2. Ma'am,
    The model papers site is not working nor the pgcte site. Plz guide us with some model question papers, so that we can utilise this time for preparation. Thanking you

    1. The model papers will be sent to you along with the invitation letter for the contact programme. You will be getting them by the end of this month, or by the first week of May.