Sunday, April 21, 2013

PGCTE Contact Programme 2013

Hello all!

The PGCTE contact programme-cum-examinations for 2013 will be held from 19 June 2013 to 18 16 July 2013.

Important info:

The deadline for submission of all PGCTE assignments - 28 February 2013 - is over.

Those of you who have submitted all the 33 assignments by the above date are provisionally eligible to attend the contact programme. You will be issued invitation letters which should reach you in the first week of May or thereabouts.

My colleague Mr. Anish Koshy, from the Dept of Linguistics and Phonetics, has put up a provisional eligibility list on his website, which you can view here:

Corrected assignments are being dispatched and you will be receiving them all through the month of May. Mr. Anish Koshy has also put up some useful information regarding how the grades for your assignments are calculated, which you can view here:

I have been receiving queries about the Literature question paper pattern. You will be given a sample/model paper when you arrive here for the contact programme. So please don't worry about it for now.

The coordinators for the programme:

Prof. Mahaswetha Sengupta (Academic Coordinator)

Dr. B. Venkat Rao & Dr. S. Vishnu Priya (Hospitality Coordinators)

For any further queries, do drop me a line here.